‘Tis The Season … For Outdoor Workouts

I came across this great graphic from outdoor company REI, with a bunch of great suggestions on how to take your workout outside. There are a lot of options available to you when the weather is good … all you need are some shoes and the motivation to get yourself outdoors (and, I guess for some, maybe some allergy meds?).

Take these suggestions, or share your own. What are your favorite outdoor workouts (personally, I love running outside … but my body only likes an outdoor run when the temperature is in the 60s)?




9 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season … For Outdoor Workouts

  1. Cycling is way off on calorie burn. 900 per hour pulling 3 minute miles solo. This depends on speed of course, but 292 per hour would be like trying to ride slower than a runner.

    • Thanks! But I agree … there’s NO way you’re burning less than 300 calories cycling for an hour. For me, it’d be closer to the running number (which, in this case, would be lower for me than this suggests).

      • Missed the fine print – 8 mph running, and 155 pounds… The weight is close but even at a 7:45 pace Endomondo only has me at about 850. For the cycling, we’re right too – they say 12-13 mph. Ah well, can’t expect a scientist to get real-world results. LOL 😉

  2. I love being outside in general. But I do running and rollerblading on occasion as a hobby. 🙂 One day I hope to invest in a mountain bike and take my family riding. I also would love to find more places to go hiking with some beautiful scenery.

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  4. Each of those numbers depends upon weight and effort–what a great place to start! Thanks for posting. I’m waiting for my tummy to settle before going outside for my run today!

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