Clemson confirms iconic Howard’s Rock was vandalized

To the person who did this: you are a sick, sad, terrible person. Don’t think that this will go unpunished … why would you destroy one of the most iconic symbols/traditions in the history of college football? Clemson fans are nothing if not some of the kindest, most loyal people you’ll ever come across. So I guess thanks for giving us another reason to have an amazing season come fall. GO TIGERS!


And before you ask, no, we have no clue where Harvey Updyke was involved.

Earlier today, Twitter chatter began to surface that the famed Howard’s Rock at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium was vandalized at some point of late by an unknown number of perpetrators.  In a press release Wednesday evening, the school confirmed that The Rock , named in honor of legendary Tigers head coach and College Football Hall of Famer Frank Howard, “was vandalized sometime  June 2nd or June 3rd.”

“We take vandalism, especially of such an important part of our history, very seriously,” said athletic director Dan Radakovich in a statement. “Police are investigating.”

The release from the school added that “[a] small portion of The Rock was broken off of its pedestal after vandals broke the casing that protects the artifact.”

Thanks to one of CFT’s Twitter followers — thank you, @trentacker for the heads up — we have…

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