Eight Days, Ten Classes.

It seems like at least once every summer, I end up getting myself into teaching 10 group fitness classes in a span of eight days. I love teaching, so it’s fun for me – and the extra cash is nice, too (plus I consider it a little bit of good subbing karma for the times I need someone to help me out). But at the end of it? I’m usually a little exhausted.

I went into this week thinking that I’d be potentially subbing one class – and it quickly turned into three. It really does seem that when summer rolls around, when it rains, it pours. I taught my first back-to-back cycle class in at least a year this Tuesday, and signed up for another both this weekend and next. Cycle is still my favorite class to teach, so even though I’ve been exhausted, it’s also nice to shake things up a little and spend more time doing something I don’t have the opportunity to enough throughout the week.

With my vacation coming up in three short (okay, it’s going to feel veeeeerrrrry looooonnnng) weeks, I’m in a place where I do want to get every good workout – and every extra dollar – in that I can. It’s fun to get a couple extra classes in every once in a while, and I look at it as a great opportunity to add to the following that I’ve built throughout the last three-plus years. I was actually telling one of my classes the other day that I love how many of my regulars have truly become my followers … many of them have started with me in one class, eventually gaining interest in the other classes that I teach, too. It’s awesome to have seen some of my early Pilates folks turn into cycle enthusiasts, and a couple of my favorite people take the initiative to become instructors themselves. It’s awesome to hear the success stories, and to know that you’ve played a part in changing someone’s life, or creating a new passion.

That said … I’m subbing an 8:30 a.m. cycle class tomorrow morning in Alexandria (and next Saturday, too). Would love to have you join me if you’re in my part of the world 🙂