What’s Your Best Burger Option?

Summer is here, and with the July 4 holiday coming up next week, grilling season is in full swing. But do you know what the best burger option is?

Prevention came up with this great graphic comparing both turkey burgers and veggie burgers (sorry, carnivores, no red meat here). Food manufacturers have come a long way on taste throughout the years, so don’t be afraid to venture away from the cow to get your burger fix.

So, what should you choose as you go about your weekend and upcoming holiday celebrations? Take a  look:



9 thoughts on “What’s Your Best Burger Option?

  1. Love this! I’m a vegetarian and actually love veggie burgers! Most places are getting really great about allowing you to substitute for the veg option!

    • They’ve definitely improved throughout the years – and I do think a lot of places have started to realize that there are so many people out there who are looking for the meat-free or lighter option, which is great.

  2. I would sooner gnaw on my elbow than eat one of those nasty veggie things (my wife eats them though). Gotta go turkey as far as that goes. In fact, we get turkey tacos on Tuesday every now and again at Thompson Creek.

    • Haha, they’re actually not that bad … or at least not if you use enough ketchup …
      You can tell that turkey is white meat, but it’s definitely still good – and yes, as you mentioned, versatile 🙂

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