How’s Your January Motivation Doing in July?

July 4 is now in the rearview mirror, and we’re officially in the dog days of summer … and more than six months removed from setting those New Years’ resolutions. How far have you come toward achieving your health and fitness goals?

If your motivation didn’t last much past the Valentines’ Day candies … or even the chocolate Easter bunnies … it doesn’t mean you’re doomed. Those January 1 goals were supposed to be intended for the year – and we still have half of it to go. That said, if you find yourself gravitating for the couch rather than the treadmill, there is no better day than today to get back on track and finish the second half of 2013 strong.
Here are a few tips to help you regain that excitement you may have lost:

• Look at how far you’ve come. It could be a more defined muscle, a couple pounds gone, or even just running a mile without walking. Recognize that though you may not yet have reached your goal, you have accomplished a few things along the way.

• Try something new. Same old routine gotten a little boring? Try a new class, take your workout outside, work out a different time of day, or …

• Hire a trainer. A coach dedicated to holding you accountable and pushing you harder than you would on your own is a recipe for success. But do your homework – not all trainers are created equal.

Most of all, remember that exercise is supposed to be fun. If it’s not, you just haven’t found the right thing for you. Try something new, compare some old pictures, and seek out a pro if you still need a little motivation to keep getting better and stronger. Remember, that hardest part isn’t getting started, it’s keeping it going … and nothing is as rough as having to start all over (again).

What keeps you motivated throughout the year?