It’s Official … I’m Adding a New Gym :)

Back before I left for my vacation, I hinted that there was something exciting on the horizon, but it wasn’t completely official yet. Well, now that the paperwork is completed, I’m happy to announce that those of you in the DC area may have another opportunity to join me for a class someday! I’m joining the group exercise team over at the Sport&Health location at Crystal Park – as a sub to start, but we’ll see how it goes, and maybe something will open up for me to earn a permanent spot, too. 🙂

I discovered that I lived across the street (literally … I can walk there in two minutes) from this newly renovated club not too long ago, and decided why not add another location, since it’s so close? I got a call just before July 4, and it turned out that, in the definition of “small world,” the group fitness director over there was a Clemson grad … and a Gamma Phi Beta! She graduated the December before I started classes and joined the sisterhood, but seriously, what is the likelihood? And you know us Clemson folks stick together … and sisters are sisters forever, right?

It’s kind of strange for me, actually branching out and joining a different gym. XSport is where I got my start, and it will always hold a special place in my heart (stop freaking out. I’m still there three days a week, and I don’t plan on that changing unless it’s someone else’s decision). I think it means something, though, that I feel strong enough to take on classes at other clubs – there’s something to be said for getting out of your comfort zone. I’ve been at the same gym I got my start at way back in 2007, and it’s nice to feel like I’m not just teaching there because that’s where I’ve always been and I’ve built a following throughout the years – but that I’m actually good enough at teaching a class that people want to take it.

Now, my long-time XSport followers … don’t worry. When I said my schedule wasn’t changing, I meant it – I’m not going anywhere. That said … I’m subbing for Alissa at 6 p.m. tomorrow, so if you missed me while I was on vacation, you don’t have to wait until Thursday to take a cycle class with me, because I’m on the bike tomorrow. Hope to see you there!