Top 10 Running Fashion Faux Pas | Runner’s World

I came across this amusing little slideshow fro Runner’s World the other day: Top 10 Running Fashion Faux Pas | Runner’s World. I was thinking about it as I was running a little treadmill 10 k tonight, and it got me to thinking … what crazy fashion faux pas do you see as you go about your workouts?

Having spent about six days a week in a gym for the last decade – not to mention the 30 or so miles a week I eventually built myself up to my junior and senior year of college (yes, sadly, that is BEFORE the start of the gym decade … sigh … oh, 30s, how did you come so fast?) – I’ve definitely seen some interesting fashion choices. I’ve still yet to understand the appeal of those toe shoes, though people claim they are life-changing. In all honesty, if it means they have replaced the Sketchers Shape-Ups (and the like), I’ll take them. Heck, I teach four classes a week barefoot, I should probably invest in them. And so should the gym I once saw – no joke – running BAREFOOT on the TREADMILL in the GYM. How an employee didn’t call him out and politely ask him to be a little more hygienic about his workout, I will never know.

And I’ve made no secrets about the fact that while I am a hot mess within 20 minutes of setting foot in the gym, my gym outfits do have a tendency to at least look put together. But sometimes I wonder, when did it become acceptable to roll out of bed and go to the gym. I realize that this is actually a technique people use to force themselves to go to the gym – this is not what I’m referring to. We’re talking more along the lines of holes. Stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day since the 90s. I’ll admit to occasionally – okay, more than occasionally – sleeping in an old, ripped up Gamma Phi shirt from 2000 or so. But there’s no way in hell I’m planning on being seen in public, and the last time I wore a t-shirt to the gym when I was still of an acceptable age to still pass for a sorority girl (I still look young, but not that young).

Bottom line – just be aware of when you look ridiculous. If you have to question? Well, then, you probably have your answer. Now get rid of those toe socks and get out there and run.