Yoga Tuesday!

It didn’t take too long for me to come down from the vacation-relaxed high. I’ve only been back from the beach for about 10 days, but my stress level has already creeped back up to the normal 10 or so. So tonight, I decided to do something a little different – and something I know I don’t do enough of. Yoga time.

My Mondays and Tuesdays are somewhat interchangeable, depending on what kind of workout I am looking to start my week out with. Last night, I ran 10k and did shoulders, so tonight, I was thinking easy(ish) cardio and weights – but since I’d stuck around after class on Sunday to get my arm workout of the way while the gym was pretty empty, today was somewhat up for grabs. I got to the gym in time to get about 40 minutes in on the ArcTrainer, then down to the studios I went.

The thing about yoga classes and me is that it can be hard for me to find one that I actually like. I’m not into the whole let’s sit and “om” or the let’s just stretch for an hour thing. So I was pretty happy to discover that tonight’s class was a power yoga class. Jen did not disappoint! The pace was brisk, the variety was good, and I’m thinking I may wake up feeling all those vinyasas in my chest tomorrow (YAY!)

Most of all, it gave me an opportunity to do something I desperately needed to do today – turn my brain off for a bit. I’ve kind of been in one of those “something has to give” periods as of late, so to take an hour for me, where I’m not looking rushing around, fighting for space, fretting about keeping my heart rate in the right zone … let’s say was exactly what I needed.

On another note … it’s kind of funny to take a class at the same club in which you are an instructor (and have been for a really long time). I think three different people – including the instructor teaching the class before me – asked if I was subbing tonight. Yes, we instructors take classes from others, too!