The Complete Guide to Calories

We all know that calories play a big part in the fitness – and not just in losing, gaining or maintaining your weight. It can be a delicate balance; both too much and too little can cause your body to hang on to extra fat (your body can only burn off so much – but at the same time, too few will send you into “starvation mode.”)

I came across this great overview, and wanted to pass it along:


You can check out the original here.

21 thoughts on “The Complete Guide to Calories

    • I consider it one of those little things that makes a difference. I’ve found that my body definitely needs a good balance – too much and I just feel gross, too little, and I get headaches and cranky.

  1. MyFitnessPal works wonders for me to track my diet. I know there are plenty of other good options, but I saw it at the bottom there and wanted to recommend it for anyone who isn’t using an app to count calories and is interested in doing so.

    • I’ve heard the same from several people – many of whom have really had great success with it! I have the app, but my diet remains pretty consistent (same breakfast and lunch almost every day), so I’m not too great with updating it :/

    • I was actually really surprised to find out the same several years back! Logic tells you that if you eat less, you’ll lose … but the body has this nasty way of holding on to what you do consume when you’re eating too little (turned out that was part of my problem, too). Who would have known?

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  3. Great info. Knowing how many calories to eat and then getting those calories from high quality nutrient rich foods is definitely the key to successful weight management. Done correct it should stave of the hunger pangs too!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing our Greatist Infographic! We think it’s definitely a comprehensive guide and are glad to see you all find it helpful! To see more great health graphics in our partnership with Greatist, take a peak at our Greatist Work page ( Our graphics with them range from picking the right shoe for any exercise to an ultimate guide to nuts and their health benefits.

    Community Manager at Lemonly Design Co. (

    • Awesome, thanks Morgan! There are some really great graphics definitely worth sharing out there – I’ll definitely check out your page and see what other goodies you’ve come up with 🙂

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