My Saturday at DCAC … Well, That Was Exhausting!

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend my first group exercise conference. DCAC actually spanned this entire weekend, but with work to go to on Friday, and classes to teach on Sunday, I was only able to fit in one day. It was kind of a last minute thing – but I’m glad I had a chance to do it!

It was an incredibly long day, and me (being how I am) took advantage of all the classes I could take. Classes started at 7 a.m., and went all the way until I dragged myself out the door around 6 p.m. Everything was good, but I definitely liked some classes better than others … and potentially found my next certification?

Here’s a quick rundown of my day:

7 a.m.: Labarre
I kind of went into this one blind, not really even knowing what it was going to be like. I’d taken a barre class before, and it was TOUGH, so I figured it wasn’t going to be easy. This class was probably my second-favorite of the day, though! The instructor was actually the creator, Jenn Hall, a former dancer and current exercise physiologist out of Georgia. She had a great personality, the workout was tough (HOLY SQUATS), and I definitely got a good sweat!

9:30 a.m. Yoga I.S. Pilates
I saw Pilates, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to take a little refresher since I haven’t taken a class from anyone (besides myself) in a really long time. It was more of a Pilates/Yoga fusion (perhaps I’d even call it a crossover), and I did learn a few things. The instructor had a great background in yoga and Pilates and the science behind both (she holds multiple Masters degrees), so we got a great education on the anatomy of different yoga exercises and how they translate to comparable Pilates exercises.

11:30 a.m. R.I.P.P.E.D.
I’d heard of this class before, but I’d never seen it, and didn’t know too much about it – but I figured the name alone had to be a good sign. Hands-down, my FAVORITE class of the day. The instructors were awesome, the format was tough, and it was one of those ones that you’re surprised how quickly an hour flies by. The class was a great combination of cardio and strength – there was band work, boxing work, push-ups, planks … and lots of sweat and great music. This may end up being my next certification, because it was AWESOME.

1 p.m. Piloxing
As a Piloxing instructor, I figured it was practically a requirement to take a class with the pros! But I have to be honest … I really wasn’t impressed. I felt like for a class based on “blocks” with “singlets” as transitions, there wasn’t really too much meat in the blocks, and a LOT more singlets than I’m accustomed to teaching. I actually had a hard time figuring out exactly where we were in the class – and the format is pretty rigid, so that shouldn’t have ever been a question. If nothing else, this class definitely showed me the importance of verbal cuing – the instructor was busier trying to pump us up, rather than tell us what’s coming next, and I almost had a hard time following some parts (which is sad, because I’ve been teaching this class twice a week for more than a year and a half).

2 p.m. Spinning: Form and the Five
I’m a stickler for form, so this was a great one for me. It was half lecture, half practical (meaning a ride), and the instructor was actually the same girl who taught my instructor training when I first got Spinning certified more than three years ago. The lecture section was really interesting – it talked about how different body types and postural issues can play a role in your riding form in each of the five Spinning positions, as well as how to correct it. It was good confirmation that my form is actually as good as I think it is (she went around the room correcting people – and I never needed corrected), and I picked up a couple new ways to cue posture, as well. I’m sure my class will appreciate that I’ve discovered yet more ways I can yell at them about their posture. Only downside? “Traditional” Spinning spends a lot of time in seated flats and seated climbs. I like to be out of the saddle as much as I can … it makes the time fly a lot faster!

4:30 p.m. BOSU Crush It!
Full disclosure: I was exhausted and hungry by the time I got to this class, so I wasn’t totally into it. I liked the concept, and I love learning new ways to use the BOSU, but it ended up having a partner-based component, and that’s just really not my thing (I think it goes back to always being the last kid picked in gym class). Oh, and I can officially re-confirm: my balance sucks. I did pick up a couple new tricks, though, so there may be a little more BOSU in my life in the coming weeks.

Like I said, it was a long day, but it was a good one! Heart rate monitor says I burned somewhere in the ballpark of 2,000 calories throughout the workshops, and I slept like a rock last night. Most of all, it was great to be in the environment of people who also love the same things you do, and understand the importance of fitness – and how challenging (in both a good and bad way) it can be to keep a class excited and motivated. Just more confirmation of why I love what I do those few days a week!

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