Keiser M3 Foundations Instructor Training


Since joining the Sport&Health team a few weeks back, I’ve had quite a few fitness-filled weekends. Two weeks ago, I went through a three-hour orientation, last Saturday, I attended the DCAC group fitness convention, and today, I added another cycle certification to my repertoire –Keiser M3 Foundations.

Sport&Health uses the Keiser M3 bikes for their cycle classes – and they are pretty different from the Spinners and Freemotion bikes I’ve used at XSport throughout the last three and a half years.  They are pretty cool bikes – the ride is really smooth, and they feature a training computer that lets you monitor your RPM, watts, heart rate (with a Polar strap).

I always like to gain a little more knowledge, and in many cases, get a refresher in the classes that I’ve been teaching for some time – and I did learn a few things today. More than anything, I was excited to take the training to get a little accustomed to these bikes before I have to start teaching on them. I can tell that I’ll have to adapt my teaching style a little in order to use these bikes the “correct” way – for instance, there is very little (to no) use of the second position, which I have a tendency to throw in during transitions or music bridges.

We spent some time on getting bike fit down, too, which was interesting. Remember how last week I was all excited about how my form was pristine? Turns out everyone can use a little adjustment. Riding a different type of bike did impact my positioning – it’s amazing how much of a difference a movable fore and aft (on the handlebars) can make. That’s one thing I really missed on these bikes, because me and my short arms need all the help we can get (and your distance from the handlebars definitely makes a difference as far as your posture is concerned).

One fun fact of the day? I hate to disappoint anyone who has been riding the Keiser cycles … but turns out that trip counter? It’s actually NOT the mileage you’ve covered! Apparently it is a maintenance feature with really no purpose for the sake of your ride.

Overall, it was good to take some time to get used to the bikes, since they are somewhat different than the “traditional” Spinning bikes that I’m used to. So hopefully I’ll be seeing how much more I can do with these bikes before too long!