Believing Everything Happens for a Reason … and Who Were All These People in the Gym Tonight??

Hello again friends, I didn’t forget you! Apologies for my distance most of last week … it was a doozy. I’ve had a lot of my mind and a lot on my plate these last few weeks, and needless to say, it came to a bit of  head last week. I’m holding on to my faith that – as it always has before – once you know that you can’t take any  more is when your life takes a turn for the better. I compared it to a mountain range – there are peaks and valleys. This has been one heck of a valley, so I’m looking forward to climbing that huge hill toward happiness that has to lie ahead.

I guess you could say I gave myself a little therapy in the form of a good workout, a massage and a stroll around the shops in Old Town Alexandria on Saturday. I’ve been insanely busy these last few weekends – since I got back from vacation on month ago, actually – so it was really nice to take a little time for me. Decompress a little. Take a look at the things that haven’t been working, and try to figure out a way to either move past them, fix them, or let them go. I’d like to think I made a little progress. If nothing else, my head-space is a little better than it had been most of last week. I did have to finally let go of something I’d been holding on to, despite knowing that the timing was all wrong … but I do believe that should the timing end up right in the future, we’ll end up at the same place and the same time, and we’ll know it. But you know how it goes … when it rains, it pours!

But back to the stuff you come here to read about … I’d love to know what they were giving away at my gym tonight (I didn’t actually see anything, but who knows), because I could have sworn it was like January in that joint. The parking lot was pretty deceiving – it looked pretty average for this time of year – and even when I first walked in, it didn’t seem too out of the ordinary. As I typically do, I got to talking to my friend RJ before I headed upstairs to put in a few miles … and he informed me that he was going to run outside, because 1. the weather wasn’t too terrible today (at least by outdoor running standards), and 2. he couldn’t get a treadmill upstairs. I didn’t think much of it, because the man only likes four of the probably 50 treadmills upstairs. So the likelihood goes down a little when you’re so particular (trust me, I can pick out every machine directly under a fan and/or vent for this exact reason – you know I’m a sweater). So I found myself a treadmill, turned the channel to NCIS, and ran for 30 minutes.

When I made my way downstairs, apparently all the people who had forced him to run outside had converged onto the weight floor, because HOLY CRAP, WHERE DID ALL THESE PEOPLE COME FROM? Granted, I was doing legs today, so all I really needed was a corner somewhere, a BOSU and a couple weights and/or plates. But finding the space? Not as easy as you would expect it to be. It’s freaking August, don’t you people have something better to do? (Not that I’m encouraging people to give up on their healthy habits, because obviously I’m not, but whoa. For real, I thought for a moment I’d slept for 5 months and didn’t realize it was, in fact, resolution season or something).

But anyway … just another week of getting back to basics here. I’m working my way back up that mountain, keeping the faith that the old adage “it’s always darkest before the dawn” rings true, and continuing to work my booty off, cause let’s be honest … I think I’ve gained a stress pound or two that I don’t need in my life the last few weeks. So here’s to better days, better workouts, and the knowledge that the best if yet to come … you just have to believe it.