If You Pay Attention, You Have Your Answer (a.k.a. Don’t Take My Stuff)!

I’ve discovered there are two kinds of people when it comes to strength training: those who ask you if you are using something you clearly are not, and those that just try to pick up and walk away something you clearly are. If you’re in the gym as often as I am, you come across both at least once a week. For me, this morning it was the latter.

Let me start to explaining that all of my weight workouts consist of circuits and compound exercises. I spent way too much time in the gym to begin with, so the less time I can waste (by grouping exercises to reduce the amount of rest time I need to take) I do. So you’ll understand my confusion, as I was finishing up a set of kickbacks, to see this man checking out the weights I was using for the second exercise (which I was about two reps from beginning). And then trying to walk away with them. And no, he didn’t even ask if I was using them.

Now, I’m all for sharing (I made it through kindergarten with flying colors, after all), but why would a person ever think it’s okay to try to walk off with something that someone else is obviously using? I mean, I could understand if it was something that wasn’t so obvious – if I were using something on the other side of the gym, or perhaps even on the other side of the cables or something. But these weights were right next to the bench. Yes, the one I was, at the moment, actively using.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I have a laundry list of gym pet peeves, but this one is pretty high on the list. I can think of MANY times I’ve moved on to a different exercise or changing my plan for the day, simply because something I wanted to use was currently unavailable. And let’s be honest – this happened at 10 a.m. on a Saturday. You aren’t going to have to wait for anything you need for long – if at all. Be flexible … and don’t be sneaky or ask stupid questions!

How do you deal with these sorts of situations? Comment below!

10 thoughts on “If You Pay Attention, You Have Your Answer (a.k.a. Don’t Take My Stuff)!

  1. I find it really frustrating when people just “hang out” on a piece of machinery – having a chat with their mate when you’re obviously waiting to use it! This happened to me on Friday – two guys were just having a chat, knowing I was waiting. Rude!!!

    • A couple of weeks ago somebody was using the leg press machine as his personal Candy Crush gaming chair. When I asked him if he was using the machine (I had witnessed the game playing for a couple of minutes with no exercising on the machine whatsoever), he said he wasn’t done. He then did one press (not a rep, just one) and continued playing for another five minutes or so! Ugh!

      • I just don’t understand why people think that’s okay. This guy probably also went home telling people he spent two hours at the gym (but failed to mention that in those 2 hours, he spent 5 minutes actually doing something). I’m completely anti-phone in the gym to begin with.

  2. My pet peeve is people who use equipment as storage. They keep their clipboards, water bottle, towels, headphones on benches and just walk off. It’s frustrating, because you really don’t want to handle other people’s things, but need the equipment.

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