The Silver Lining in a Week of Waiting…

Here in the DC area, it’s been a, let’s say, interesting week. With the government shutdown now in day four, I’ve had quite a bit more time than usual on my hands (yes, leave it to me to start a new job three weeks before this mess. I’m well aware of my impeccable timing. This is not new, and tends to span across the entirety of my life).

The silver lining in this week of waiting to see what happens next, and when we’ll be back to work? I got to do something I’m not accustomed to these days this morning: take my time with a workout, not feeling like I’m rushing to get somewhere, or that it’s late and I need to get home, or that I have a class starting in 10 minutes. I was able to wake up when I was ready. Get to the gym at my leisure (being me, it was still around 9 a.m., but that’s not the point). Not feel like I had to stalk out the machines or weights that I was going to need for my workout, fearing that if I lost sight of what was and wasn’t in use, I’d lose my chance to get in the exercises I had planned for the day (you wouldn’t think that would be a challenge in October, but I promise you, every week I have to just give up on at least one exercise because I just can’t get to something while the equipment I need is free).

On tap this morning? Quick 3.5 mile run to start, followed by some legs – I did get to use the leg press I’ve not been able to get on to during my leg workout the last two weeks, so hopefully that means I’ll start getting a little still this evening/tomorrow morning – and finished up with a little “shake it out” cardio on the ArcTrainer and abs. Start to finish, about two hours, 20 minutes. It was fabulous. The gym wasn’t crowded (though it probably was more than usual with, you know, the government shut down and thousands of people in the area looking for something to do with this continued free time), I wasn’t worry about the time that football was starting like I am on Saturdays, and I wasn’t staring at the clock thinking I need to get home (and, honestly, usually that I’m starving) like I typically am during the week. I may actually be able to leave the gym at a decent time post-class on Sunday now, having had the time to get in the workouts I needed to this week and not needing the bonus “crap, I’ve only lifted twice this week so I better get day three in now” workout I’ve had to schedule the last couple Sundays. It just makes it so much more enjoyable when there is less stress involved in the one place that is supposed to bring me stress relief.

Bottom line? Yes, I’ve definitely had mixed emotions about everything going on this week. For one, I’m wondering exactly when I’ll be getting back to work, and how much of a hit my paycheck is going to take as a result (though, I will admit that I’ve joked that the six group fitness classes I’ve taught this week will cover about a week and a half of groceries, so I really shouldn’t worry too much). But at the same time, I’ve had the opportunity to get a little of the rest that I’ve been starving for these last several weeks. I never got to take the time off I had planned prior to leaving my previous job, and this having to work all day again business has left me absolutely exhausted by the end of the week. Like everything, I’ve taken the good with the bad this week … and as far as workouts are concerned, it has definitely been in the positive column.