How to Buy the Best Running Shoe for You

Purchasing the perfect pair of running shoes can be like finding a good man (or woman, depending on who you are). Difficult. Time consuming. And you’re likely to come across a lot who just don’t quite fit.

That said … I recently came across a really great, must-read article from Women’s Health regarding how to buy the best running shoe for you (How to Buy the Best Running Shoe for You | Women’s Health Magazine). It details a few steps and tips to help you make the best shoe for you and your workouts – and the most of your hard-earned money (because let’s be honest … good shoes aren’t cheap). Some of their suggestions? Shop at smaller stores, take them for a test-drive (or run), don’t assume you know your size (just like your favorite jeans, shoes can run a little bigger or smaller depending on the brand) … and don’t assume that you need all the bells and whistles.

As for me? I lucked out almost four years ago when I broke down and paid a visit to my local Pacers Running Store (in Pentagon City, in case you were curious). Since discovering the Mizuno Wave Inspire, I’ve virtually eliminated the blister and shin splint issues I’d been plagued with for years. I’ve gone through about 10 pairs since then, and I’m still lucky enough to say I’ve found my perfect shoe match (though I’m yet to find my perfect man).

What shoes have changed your life … or at least your workouts?