BONUS! Spinning Playlist – October 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday everybody! I once again stepped in to cover cycle at Sport&Health tonight, so bonus playlist for you again this week! I’m leaving off the usual weight scale tonight, because I’ve learned during the last two weeks that the Keiser bikes are easier to teach by gear number range than versus perceived exertion attached to a resistance number. Here’s what we rode to tonight:

Dog Days are Over – Florence + The Machine

Building Block #1
Feel So Close – Calvin Harris
The Other Side – Jason DeRulo
Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
E.T. – Katy Perry

Building Block #2
Turn Me On – David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj
Sex On Fire – Kings of Leon
Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
Misery – Maroon 5
Dirrty – Christina Aguilera ft. Redman

Born too Slow – Crystal Method

See you on Thursday at my regular time at XSport … come pay it forward and burn off some Halloween calories before you dig into the kids’ haul 😉

4 thoughts on “BONUS! Spinning Playlist – October 29, 2013

  1. One of the locations I teach at is adding some Keiser bikes this week. Looking forward to checking them out for the first time. I most familiar with the Spinner models and LIVESTRONG cycles.
    Whenever I see/hear a Turn Me On, I think of that Schmidt’s Workout video on YouTube. Thanks for sharing!

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