Motivation Maintenance

This time of year can be a little hard on your motivation. The days are getting shorter – and colder – and there are days that the couch just looks a lot more appealing than your running shoes. Don’t let lack of motivation win – because the only thing worse than getting started is starting over.

How can you keep on track? Here are a few suggestions:

• Join a club or start a class. Think of it as strength in numbers – you’re less likely to skip if you know you’ll be missed.

• Try something new. That same run around the block got you down? Try a boot camp, or take up yoga. Sometimes our lack of motivation is a product of boredom – mix it up!

• Think about how far you’ve come. Pull out old photos from your less fit days. They will remind you that hard work pays off.

Sometimes, the key is just to get out the door. Don’t let your head talk you out of a workout – you may find that on a day you feel tired, all it takes is a little sweat to wake you back up. As for me? There is no better motivation than never, ever wanting to have to start all over again.