7 thoughts on “How Do You Start Your Day (The Benefits of Tea and Coffee)

  1. One of the rare infographics that actually sticks to known science! My favorite coffee fact is that studies have shown 19 of the 27 compounds in coffee can cause cancer when each is studied alone – put those 27 compounds together and they help fight it. Cool stuff.

    PS. Do you know how this is possible? How the testing can show that something that is known to battle cancer can cause it? (Hint: it’s a trick in the testing)

      • It’s all about selling books Sarah. It is about moderation.

        The tests are stacked. They use “maximum tolerable doses” of those 27 compounds – in other words, the inject as much of a compound as they can without making the test subject sick… If that causes cancer then they say “such-and-such” can cause cancer. What they don’t say is you’d have to drink 125 gallons a day to do it. 😀

      • I’m with you – if all my years in marketing have taught me anything, it’s that it”s all in how you present something 🙂

        But wait … you mean people aren’t drinking 125 gallons a day? Wonder why … 😉

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