Tonight’s Master Class – A Little Tuesday Night Pilates Education

Tonight, I had the pleasure of taking a master class/review session with the new Mind/Body Director at Sport&Health Crystal City. It is always interesting to take a class (especially a format you’ve been teaching for years) from another pro, and tonight was no exception.

Amber described her style as contemporary Pilates – mostly the same exercises as “traditional” Pilates, but a lot less structured. I liked it! It was fun not knowing what was coming next (because, let’s be honest … I’ve had some of my regulars look at me like I’m doing something wrong if I throw something out of the ordinary in every once in a while) – and still knowing how the exercise was meant to be performed. I also liked having the opportunity to pick up a few new cues. It’s always interesting to hear the way other instructors describe a particular exercise or motion, because there really are so many different ways to describe a movement – and so often one cue will click with someone better than another. I think there may be a few new options coming to my classes this week!

If there is one thing that really helps a good instructor become a better instructor, it is getting exposed to different instructors and classes. I really enjoyed the follow-up conversation during the class, because I was reminded of a few details that I had forgotten throughout the years, and it was nice to take time to connect with some of the other instructors. We have another master class coming up next month, and I’m definitely looking forward to it. Amber was great!


9 thoughts on “Tonight’s Master Class – A Little Tuesday Night Pilates Education

  1. It’s really interesting to hear your perspective, as an instructor, of other classes! It doesn’t matter what area of expertise you are in, there’s always more to learn!

    • Definitely. If it’s something I do teach, I can always pick up some tips. I’ve learned that when it’s something I don’t teach it can be VERY humbling (I’m looking at you, step class that made me feel extremely uncoordinated)…

  2. I just wrote a post about how to tell a good group fitness instructor from the rest. Although its not on the list, I think taking other instructors classes and trainings is so important to helping you constantly grow as an instructor. Sounds like it was a good pilates class too! I feel like Barre is the new pilates, and I don’t want tradional pilates to suffer because of the new trend! Maybe this contemporary way of teaching it will keep its popularity up!

    • I absolutely agree. I’ve been teaching Pilates for a long time, and there are things you forget, or just lose focus on, over time. I’ve done one barre class, but definitely like Pilates better. It was good-and HARD-but I have a hard time fitting much else into my crazy schedule! Thanks for sharing-I’ll check out your post!

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