Welcome to the Calm Before the Storm…

The calm before the storm. That’s truly the perfect way to describe the gym in December.

I found myself in the gym on Thanksgiving morning, enjoying the relative emptiness of the place. I had no trouble doing exactly what I needed to do. My weights were available. I had plenty of space to stretch. I had my choice of treadmills. As I was enjoying my holiday morning workout, I found myself suddenly almost paralyzed with a thought: Enjoy it now. Cause it’s going to be chaos in one short month.

Here’s the thing … I am a huge proponent of fitness, as you all know. But, like every other year-round, it’s a lifestyle, not a temporary fix type, I HATE January and February in a gym. It’s crowded. It’s hard to find what you need (let’s be honest, in my gym, half the week is hard, so it’s even worse in the height of resolutions). There are a bunch of people looking around like deer in headlights … or, worse yet, doing something that has no resemblance to any sort of form that could ever be considered slightly okay, let alone good.

It’s funny, because the topic came up yesterday while I was on my way home from the gym (as I was talking to a certain Marine I’ve been spending some time with in the past couple months). Monday after Thanksgiving? Zoo. Preview for what is just around the corner. Today? Typical December Tuesday (meaning I got the treadmill of my choice, stretched without feeling like I was on top of someone, and didn’t have to go on a journey just to find a darn foam roller).

So, to all of my regular gym-goers … happy year end. Enjoy it while it lasts. The Resolutioners are just around the corner.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Calm Before the Storm…

  1. Amen. The locker room this morning was packed. I had to push my way to the mirror while getting ready for work. Normally, it’s no problem. And so it begins…. On the flip side, we can encourage the newbies to keep coming! Don’t give in to the temporary fix! Come to the dark side with us! 🙂 🙂

  2. I, too, so love the gym this time of year. I’m all for folks signing up and getting into shape to better their bodies, but unfortunately it lasts only through maybe March for most. I wish there were treadmills reserved for runners only.

    • I’m with you! I hate having to wait on something when there’s a person who clearly has no idea what they’re doing – and won’t ask for help – taking up the equipment I need on any given day. Those first couple months of the year are so tough for us regulars.

  3. Ah, yes, but I refuse to hate them and I refuse to hate January and February at the gym. I started as a “resolutioner” in grad school and have never stopped going to the gym–mostly because people encouraged me at my old gym in Albuquerque (Defined Fitness).

    Encourage them to stick it out, don’t grumble and comment in the locker room about how “it’ll thin out in February, it always does”–because someone who might need just a little more encouragement might be very discouraged and not want to be at a gym where people make snide comments.

    As far as waiting for equipment, agreed. But then again, there are the regulars who misuse equipment or have horrible form.

    It would be awesome if they would stick around for the whole year like I did 20 years ago–but in the meantime, remember, they need encouragement not disdain 🙂

    • I’d never say hate – that’s a little strong – but I’m sure I could stand to be a little more patient, too. I’m all for those who stick with it – I’m sure we’d all be in better shape it we made it a year-round priority! I was never a “resolutioner” myself – I joined my first gym shortly after my college graduation, during down time – and I know I’ve come a LONG way since!

      And you’re totally right – I see some of the same people day in and day out who have still not learned the basics of form … those people who lean all over the machines make me crazy (just because it has handles does not mean you need to use them).

      The truth is, we all start somewhere – it just seems to be en masse early in the year!

  4. I couldn’t agree more and am not looking forward to January 1 at the gym!! I did notice an influx of people at the gym this morning. While I normally have the core room to myself before 6 am, there were 4 other people in small room this morning. UGH!!

    • I figure if we make it past this week, people will get too busy again … so we’ll have a couple weeks before the insanity begins. I’ve actually noticed the first week of January isn’t too bad – but by mid-January, it’s crazy.

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