The Upside of Running on a Treadmill

I’m home for Christmas, and with the treadmill in my parents’ living room at my disposal, I’m doing my best to get a few good runs in to try to balance out all the cookies I’m sure I’ll be consuming (despite my best efforts to avoid them). I tend to be a mostly treadmill runner anyway (simply because my body is very sensitive to heat and cold), and thought I’d bring back this post from a year ago. Reading it got me a little excited – I mentioned being excited to have gotten myself down to an 8:45 mile … and now, on a good day, I can bust out 8:30. Progress!


I’ll admit it: I’m one of those weird people who kind of prefers running on a treadmill. Which is why when I stumbled upon an article (The Upside of Running on a Treadmill | Runner’s World & Running Times) dealing with this very subject, I had to read it.

It wasn’t always this way (much like the author of this article).  When I first started running, I ran almost exclusively outside. But after a hot summer, a cold winter and a gym membership came into play I grew to not only be okay with running on a treadmill – but discovered that I could actually accomplish things I never knew I could by running outside.

As a mostly treadmill runner, I’ve cut my mile time back significantly. I remember the days that I thought I would never be able to make it to a 10 minute mile. After several years of…

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