My Students are Becoming Instructors. I Feel Like a Proud Mama.

I know, I know. I’ve been a slacker lately (from a blog perspective). But there has been a LOT going on … and I have some exciting news to share – albeit about a week later than I really wanted to talk about it.

I’ve been teaching group fitness classes for about five years now, and it is, hands down, the most rewarding job in the world. Though it’s more of my free-time fun activity vs. my actual job (at least for now … someday …), I’ve found not only the success stories you hear, but also the relationships you build to be pretty amazing.

Which brings me to what I want to talk about today. I’ve had a few girls take the leap and attend certification classes for a number of formats throughout the years (and another one is picking up another certification soon). Let’s be honest: it’s easy to sign up for a class, but to actually take the time to practice, get an audition, rock it, and get hired by a gym? It’s a lot more difficult (and time consuming) than most people realize.

Which is why I was THRILLED to find out that last week, the first of my “babies” (yes, I’m claiming them now) did all of these things. My girl Kim has been a regular in my Piloxing classes for a while now, and took the leap of faith to get certified herself back in July. And last week, she got herself hired to sub at XSport.

Yes, there is still some work to do, and she’ll do a little team teaching and likely still practicing (and obviously, still attending classes). And the first couple classes may not be perfect (I’ll admit mine did not go as well as I would have wanted them to). But the biggest hurdles are already behind her. It takes a lot of guts to get in front of a room full of people and convince them that you’re not torturing them, you’re having fun with them. And getting a good sweat on along the way. Like anything else, once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes second nature. And as the classes pass, you’ll find what works for you, what works for the class, and how important continuing education truly is.

But I’m claiming “proud mama” (no, I do not have children, and yes, I am younger than Kim). To know that your passion has helped another person build that same kind of passion within herself? It’s incredible. And that’s what makes a great instructor: passion. Seeing Kim’s smiling face in class all these months, I know she has that passion. And I can’t wait to see her start rocking her own classes.

So, are you motivated to make it happen for yourself now? Here are a couple former posts that can get you going:

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8 thoughts on “My Students are Becoming Instructors. I Feel Like a Proud Mama.

  1. This is so awesome to read. I am working on my personal training certification and sometimes its hard to bear through all of the reading and studying, but to see the effort pay off like this is motivating!

    • It absolutely does – I always tell people that if you like taking classes (and in your case – and hopefully some day mine, as well – training), just wait, because teaching is 100 times better. Good luck with your studies – you’ll be great!

  2. It’s so funny you should write this now… This last weekend my spin instructor couldn’t make it to class and didn’t have a sub. The class was small and people were frustrated, so I volunteered to teach. Though I’m not certified (that’s my goal as soon as I’m finished with grad school in a month or so), I’ve been spinning for a couple of years and am PASSIONATE about it. It was so awesome to have an opportunity to see for myself the knowledge I already have, and it just further confirmed that I desperately want to get certified to teach.

    • That’s awesome! Definitely do it! While it’s physically pretty taxing, I think that Spinning is both the easiest and most fun class to teach. Sign up for a certification soon – it’s only a day workshop and a test! You’re guaranteed to be great when you love it 🙂

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