9 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Time during Your Workout!

    • Absolutely. I may not always know exactly what my entire plan is (the trials of going to a busy gym), but at the very least I’m always thinking about where I’m headed next.

  1. For me…25% posing in the mirror, 35% dancing and singing to music, and 40% lifting 🙂 Not at a public gym though, that would be embarrassing… in my dads basement gym!

    • Well, techically, you’re still at least 75% productive. All that dancing and singing burns extra calories (so I tell my Spinning classes when I start rocking out).

  2. This is pretty true! I usually don’t do most of these things but sometimes my friend comes to the gym with me and I end up chatting the ENTIRE workout. It’s okay every once in awhile but it really makes me feel like I didn’t get much of a workout in. I’m my best when I’m running or doing a workout video where someone is telling me exactly what to do haha

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