Spinning Playlist – May 19, 2014

Let’s get this week started … I missed you guys last Monday! Here’s tonight’s playlist, straight off of the bike:

Warm-up (Flat Road; Resistance 3-4 on a Scale of 10)
Believer – American Authors

Building Block #1 (Start Resistance 5, Build to 8+)
Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard
Summer – Calvin Harris
Find You – Zedd ft. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant
Sing – Ed Sheeran
E.T. – Katy Perry

Building Block #2 (Start Resistance 5, Build to 9)
Best I Ever Had – Gavin DeGraw
Still Into You – Paramore
Red Lights – Tiesto
Come to Me – Diddy ft. Nicole Scherzinger
Burn it Down – Linkin Park

Building Block #3 (Start Resistance 4-5, Build to 9)
Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch
Closer – Tegan and Sara
How I Feel – Flo Rida
One More Night – Maroon 5

Perfume (The Dreaming Remix) – Britney Spears
Peace – O.A.R.

Have a great week everyone – I’ll see you on Thursday!

One thought on “Spinning Playlist – May 19, 2014

  1. Hi!

    First of all, I love following your blog. Second, I have two questions.

    1) I’ve been spinning consistently for about 10 months, and love it. I’ve noticed though, that my legs, which have always been very slender, are really starting to bulk up. I’m not complaining, and I figured this would happen, I just didn’t think it would happen all of a sudden and so much. I admit that my eating hasn’t been on point lately, but do you pair spinning with anything else to keep you legs from getting too bulky?

    2) I’m getting certified to teach spin next month, and will start teaching in July. Do you have any tips regarding planning a class, first time teaching, etc.? I would love to hear it!

    Thank you so much!

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