A Hilarious Take on Hot Yoga

I came across this article earlier, and having recently taking a few hot yoga classes, I found it absolutely hilarious. I love any “thoughts going through my head” type of thing to begin with … and let’s be honest, the first couple times you spend some time in the 110 degree room, you’re thinking something close to this. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “A Hilarious Take on Hot Yoga

    • It’s not too bad…yeah, you get a little lightheaded and struggle to breathe at times. The first time I went, my boyfriend asked me why I would do that to myself (and he loves yoga!)

    • That’s actually a great way to describe it…you’re praying for it to end, and you feel pretty good about 20 minutes after it finally does (once you get out of those drenched clothes and into the shower).

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