Spinning Playlist – November 20, 2014

Happy Thursday everybody…

So, here’s the deal: after teaching a shortened class of one last night, I’ve decided to use the same playlist (at a different gym…I should be able to do this anyway) tonight. That said, check out yesterday if you want to know what we rode to tonight 🙂

Also, just a reminder: next Thursday is Thanksgiving. There will be two morning classes at each of the Virginia Xsport locations (I don’t believe cycle is one of them in Alrxandria), however, no other classes throughout the day. You should be eating turkey at our normal class time! I am still teaching next Tuesday and Wednesday (and subbing a bonus pilates class at Sport&Health at 7:30 p.m. Monday), so hope to see you and burn a few more cals in advance of the big Thanksgiving dinners!