What’s Your Excuse?

There are too many good reasons to get (and stay) fit – so stop making excuses! What’s yours? Read on to find the solution to your excuses … and get your butt to the gym (or track, or studio, or where ever it is that you get your fitness on …)

Excuses Will Not Get You Fit. Commitment Will.

Excuses. We all make them from time to time. But when it comes to your workout? Most of them are just reasons NOT to achieve your goals. I came across this slideshow on iVillage, detailing some of the most common … Continue reading

Exercise on the Road … No Excuses!

I’m in Las Vegas for my full-time job this week, and it got me thinking about how easy it is to just take a few days off of exercise when you’re on the road. It’s an unfamiliar place, you are probably not eating as well as you should be … so why not just skip it and start next week?

No! If there is a gym in your hotel – and even if there isn’t – there are still plenty of opportunities to keep up with your normal lifestyle. Granted, my body thinks it’s three hours later than it is, so that treadmill wasn’t too bad at 5 a.m., but I still faced machines much different than those I’m accustomed to. I’m recovering from a stress reaction in my foot, so I’m a little limited in my cardio options, but I was still able to walk on the treadmill with up to a 15% incline. Was it ideal? No. But I guarantee when I’m sampling the local gourmet Vegas fare later, I’ll be glad that I didn’t take the easy way out and skip it.

So, how can you still keep up with your workout when you’re on the road? There are a number of ways.

  • Research it! Find out if there will be a gym in your hotel, local walking/jogging trails, etc.
  • Don’t forget your shoes/gym clothes. Yes, it’s one more thing to pack. But it will also hold you accountable when you see them come out of the suitcase!
  •  Invest in a couple of DVDs. There are some great options out there, and if you’re traveling for work, you most likely have a  laptop with you on which you can play the DVD.
  • Find opportunities to be active! Can you walk to your meeting from the hotel? Are there stairs you can climb? Remember that every little bit makes a difference.

Working out on the road will never be as ideal as when you have a full health club at your disposal, but you have to make the best of what you have at your disposal. Pack your shoes and clothes, search for ways to get active, and stay healthy as you enjoy your trip!