Quick Weight Loss? No, Thanks … I’ll Pass on the Nasal Feeding Tube.

Listening to the radio on my way to work this morning, the conversation turned to a new weight loss fad that I found kind of horrifying – the “K-E Diet,” which claims to allow people (namely, pre-wedding brides) to quickly lose 15-20 pounds. What does it consist of? Having a tube inserted into your nose, and only ingesting 800 calories worth of (carb-free) liquid for up to 10 days. The price? $1,500. The cost? Your health, and perhaps your dignity.

Sure, weight loss is one of the biggest money makers out there – but what ever happened to putting in the effort to make it happen? I may consider myself a work in progress – but the key word there is work. I can’t see potentially risking my health just to lose a few pounds quick. This “diet” cuts calorie consumption so low that you are not ingesting enough energy to fuel your body for a day (you should never dip below 1,200), let alone the energy to make it through a day, let alone a workout. You’d be lethargic, cloudy, and probably cranky, too. And I certainly don’t want that “hunger headache” for a WEEK AND A HALF, no matter how skinny it’s going to make me.

When did we all get so lazy … always looking for the quick fix? Wouldn’t you be so much more proud to tell people that you lost 10 lbs. working your butt off – not because you had a tube shoved down your nose? Have we missed out on the fact that losing weight should contribute to our health – not risk it?

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