Life’s Been Crazy … Here’s What I’ve Been Up To!

It’s been a crazy busy last week, so I apologize for the lack of posts with substance as of late! Here’s a little run-down of the insanity that has been my life during this last week(ish) of May:

Golf Lessons.
My dad has been trying to turn me into a golfer for several years now, and after he dragged me to the driving range during a trip to Florida last month (and sent me a check with a note to “go take golf lessons”), I figured I guess it was time. Last Friday, I spent an hour with a pro, who assured me that, as a naturally athletic person, I would pick it up pretty quickly (muscle memory and all).There was definitely a huge difference from the beginning of the lesson until the end – just like anything else, the form is really the biggest factor. So, yeah, dad may have been right. Golf’s not so bad. My second lesson is this Friday. Though I still don’t anticipate rivaling Tiger Woods any time soon.

Virginia Beach.
A certain someone and I decided to spend a couple days in Virginia Beach over the long weekend, and it was WONDERFUL. The weather was perfect – sunny and warm, but not too hot. We took a few nice strolls along the boardwalk, spent several hours lounging by the pool on Sunday (I tanned, he … may still be hurting), and ate some awesome seafood. It was a relatively quick trip – in Saturday evening, out around noon Monday – but based on our crazy schedules as of late, it was nice to just escape, relax and actually have some time together for the first time in a couple weeks. And really … it may not be the nicest beach I’ve ever been to, but there is something about a beach that just takes those shoulders down an inch or two the moment you can smell the salt in the air.

Golf Tournament.
It’s TODAY! This is one of the most fun days for my full-time job. We’re headed to the golf course for the 7th annual Chenega Invitational, benefitting Azalea Charities’ Aid for Wounded Warriors. It’s a great cause, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous (albeit very hot, at a predicted 93 degrees … yikes), and our golfers always have a great time. This will be the fourth tournament I’ve been a part of (I’m assigned to working the putting contest), and we’re anticipating another great tournament! (This also means no Spinning playlist tonight, as I’ll likely still be at the course about the time my class is supposed to get rolling … but I have great faith that my sub, Sarah, will take care of y’all).

Pool’s Open.
This one technically isn’t something I’ve been able to take advantage of just yet, but I’m looking forward to it this weekend! If there is one vice I’ll cop to, it’s spending probably a little too much time in the sun. But it’s also one of the few places I actually let myself relax, so I’m giving myself a pass (and hey, as I’ve gotten older, I have finally started being consistent with my sunscreen usage).