Childhood Activity vs. Inactivity: What it Means for Adulthood

Sad fact: society is getting fatter. In a world of convenience – and lesser activity than years past – we are only pushing ourselves further into an obesity epidemic.

Which is why, now more than ever, we need to start getting kids active at an early age. It’s been shown that children of active parents (especially those who are active with their kids) grow up to weigh less, and have a better relationship with nutrition and physical activity.

Those inactive kids? They could have this to look forward to:

To further illustrate the importance of physical activity throughout a lifetime … and proving that the younger you start, the easier it will be to maintain healthy habits into adulthood:

If higher healthcare costs, more sick days and a shortened lifespan aren’t enough to make you want to run around the yard with the kids, maybe the odds of higher grades, lowered odds of disease, and less chance of risky lifestyle bahaviors will do it. So throw on some shoes, and go get active! You can never be too young – or too old – to get fit.


#1 Key to Improved Fitness … You Have to Want It!

The society we live in today is obsessed with finding the quick fix – the magic bullet. The diet pill that will help you drop 30 lbs. in three weeks. The gadget that will produce six-pack abs in only five minutes a day. The shoes that will give you a tighter butt, and the pants that will reduce cellulite by 40%.

I hate to tell you … but it isn’t gonna happen. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

The unfortunate fact …

… and the good news …

I would never be so crazy as to say that getting into shape is an easy task – it does take time, and work, and dedication (not to mention sweat, sore muscles, and less of a relationship with cookies/candy/sodas/chips/fill in your junk food weakness of choice here). But the beauty of our bodies is that they are moldable. They are willing to give back what we put into them. Kind of makes me think of that commercial with the kid playing soccer dressed as a hot dog or a doughnut or something – with one mom telling the other, “kids are what they eat.”

Perhaps that hardest part for people to grasp, however, is the mental aspect of it. When it comes to fitness, attitude absolutely is everything. Do you tell yourself you can push harder, run faster? Or do you let one little slip-up drive you off course? Success in health, fitness, weight loss – whatever your goal may be – comes down to commitment and wanting it bad enough. Like anything in life, if you don’t view fitness as a priority, it will never be one – you’ll always find something more fun or less painful to occupy your time.

I hate to bring up yet another commercial (do I watch too much television or something?), but it makes me think about how true the Weight Watchers (I think?) commercial from a few years back is: diets don’t work. Getting fit and achieving your goals – be they losing weight, gaining muscle, eating healthier, or something completely unique to you – requires a lifestyle change. It requires time, and commitment, and sweat, and pain, and sometimes sacrifice.

But it’s absolutely worth it.