The Evolution of the Football Helmet

If you’ve been reading this blog, taking classes with me, or checked out my Twitter feed (@StrongFitSarah), you know that if there is one thing I am as crazy about as I am fitness, it’s college football! With the season getting into full swing – and my Tigers still looking strong in the top five – I was thrilled to find this graphic, depicting the evolution of the football helmet.

Technology has truly come a long way, and with the increase in safety concerns, so has the football helmet. Hard hits, week after week – and for many players, throughout most of their lives – have made researchers more interested in the long-last effects of concussions … and what can be done to lessen any lasting damage. Today, helmets are being developed to provide feedback that not only keep players safe on the field, but provide doctors and researchers with data that can help reduce – and maybe someday even eliminate – the medical issues that could result from even one concussion.

Read on … there’s some interesting stuff in here. And GO TIGERS!

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