Spinning Class: Ever Fake It During a Group Fitness Class?

Just came across this post from Women’s Health: Spinning Class: Ever Fake It During a Group Fitness Class? | Women’s Health Fitness Blog: Get killer workouts, learn about new fitness trends, and snag awesome gear.

I wish I had a screen that monitored the class’ heart rates in my studio … because you know how I feel about cheaters. What you put in is what you get out … and I like it when my participants leave the class drenched and ready for a nap!

Since I teach a 9 a.m. indoor cycling class – on Sunday mornings – I always make a point to remind my class of a few things:

  1. You didn’t roll out of bed early on a Sunday morning for nothing.
  2. You’ll have accomplished more before 10 a.m. than some people will all day.
  3. You’re stronger than you think – sometimes your head just gets in the way (so turn off your negative thinking and start pushing your body).
  4. A tough workout is the best way to start the day – and the week.

That said … if you don’t already have one, I highly recommend looking into a heart rate monitor. They can not only tell you if you are pushing hard enough (or too hard, even), but depending on the model, can show you how many calories you burn, how long you worked out for (and at what intensity), and even how far you’ve come over a span of time. If you’re looking for some tips on what to look for in a heart rate monitor, check out my recent post here.

2 thoughts on “Spinning Class: Ever Fake It During a Group Fitness Class?

  1. I faked it during my first few spin classes, but as you grow more comfortable with the pace and and know whats coming up in the class, I felt more comfortable pushing it further, because I knew what I had left, in me and in the class. I still pace myself if I know I have more to do after the class, like a yoga class or some weights 🙂

    • I feel like you kind of have to take a couple classes to figure it out – most instructors seem to have a distinct style, so that makes it a little easier. I try to break up my classes so we build gradually for 15-20 minutes, then come back down to an easy resistance and start building again. You do have to listen to your body – no point in wearing yourself completely out if you know it’s going to take away from anything else you plan on doing that day.

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